Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One Piece

One Piece [Japanese pronounce it as 'Wan Pisu'..hehe] is a story that revolves around a boy named Monkey D. Luffy, who started a pirate crew in a wine barrel! well..xdela die start buat pirate crew tu dlm barrel..but that was how the story started..

Luffy has one dream which to become the Pirate King [Kaizoku Ou]..the story started with Luffy drifted at sea in a wine barrel which was hoisted on Alvida's ship [she's one mean fat lady pirate]..on board was Coby..a boy who accidently and unwillingly became a pirate..things happened..and Luffy went against Alvida by himself..taking Coby along with him..after that along came Roronoa Zorro..

Zorro was known as the infamous Pirate Hunter [in this anime they are called Bounty Hunters..coz pirates have bounties on their heads]..he's a super-skilled swordsman who wields three swords..his famous techniques was the Santouryu [in japanese it means three swords..literally]..of course throughout the story more powerful techniques were developed..stuffed happened again..n somehow Luffy got Zorro as his first nakama [or crew member..Luffy's the Captain of course]..Coby decided to become a Marine..

Luffy and Zorro finally got a boat..[yes a boat..not a ship]..and they met Nami while travelling the seas..

to be continued..

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