Monday, February 23, 2009

well..i guess i messed up

kadang-kadang kite rasa..ape yang kite buat tu betul..
tapi snarnye tak..
and kadang-kadang kite dah tak tahu mana yang betul and mana yang tak..
jadi ape yang kite buat pun dah tak betul..
i don't think apologizing will mend things up..
nothing can mend it..
and sometimes we have to let go..
honestly i don't know what to do anymore..
and i don't know who to trust..
guess what my boss said was true..
maybe i shouldn't have trusted anyone in the first place..
if i have to let things be it..
coz i don't know of any other way..

thank you for all you've been to me..
if what i did was so unforgivable..
i do not wish to be in your eyes..
or in your heart anymore..

and if u asked me what have i done..
i honestly don't know what the hell have i done when i thought of doing it as something that can help..

that's it..take this the whole world..
bull shit kah?
its up for you to decide how you want it to be

hakikat is hakikat nisya..
qulil haqqa walaukaana murran..
i need strength..i feel so guilty


@LiYaNNuaR said...

what heppen dearrr?? sapa buat hah?? meh nak babab diaaa... wakakaka ;p

Zai Yahyah said...

beb, sabar kay.... chill up..
setiap sesuatu yg terjadi pada diri kita, akan ada hikmah disebaliknya.. Insyaallah... :)