Tuesday, February 3, 2009

update sket

memandangkan ada makhluk Tuhan ni suka sangat nak buat argument dengan atashi..kat mana-mana pun ada ja argument dia..nih atashi nak habaq mai kat anata-tachi..ngan kat makhluk Tuhan tu..

please be informed that i have no intention of abandoning this blog..instead i am currently designing a brand new layout here..due to huge workloads in the past months..i did not have the time to write anything healthy here..as i was always finding myself snapping and being sarcastic to other people..[and it is still happenning now in case you're still wondering..]..i still visit this blog everyday..huhu

i don't want my lovely blog to be just a space for me to pour out my feelings..[..if you get what i mean from your past experiences here..]..i'm planning to add more features and more values to this blog so it will contribute more to its readers..a procrastinator i am..i do hope to finish the new design of cluelesslypink by my birthday..

anata-tachi janganla salah sangka lagi na..sebenarnya atashi tak pnahla berniat nak meninggalkan cluelesslypink ni..kekasih gelap atashi ni..mana buleh tinggai2 camtu ja..hari-hari atashi duk jenguk..

again..please be informed that cluelesslypink is still up thogh its not running at full speed..its still walking..slow and steady..

i deeply apologize for you frustration visiting a blog which has not been updated for centuries..

..moshiwakegozaimasen deshita..


@LiYaNNuaR said...

take ur time, dear...

dBot+AdibA-waN said...

yeah.. new year..new you... =)

nisya-chan said...
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nisya-chan said...

k. liya: thanx a lot krn memahami..huhu..nanti sy buat tag akak tu ye..peningla nak cari sape yang melecurr nii..haha

dbot: thanx a lot dear~ ko tgk..die kaco aku..aku x kaco die pun..=(