Thursday, February 26, 2009

it's a new day

don't you dare brush off that smile from me
you have no idea how invincible i feel when i'm honest with everyone around me


idayusof said...

in the world that full of lies,

an honest friend is someone that i treasure most. thank you for being one of them.

nisya-chan said...

nah..honesty is something we all shud practice..nabi pun ajar gitu..

betrayal is another entirely different know..some day i might betray you..or my other friends..but i won't betray a friend for the sake of myself..that is something i do when i feel that it's not right for me to sit there and do nothing..

and i might not tell you that i betrayed you..but in case you found out..i'll just admit i did it..that's all

i gained nothing from this..yet i did it and risk losing my friends..

i hope you understand the person i am..