Monday, November 10, 2008

a note for a friend

i remember back then..
12 years a state i've never been to..
about to be on my own..
in a place where i know nobody..
you were the first person there i smiled to..
and you smiled back at me..
memories lost..
and somehow we ended up as best friends..
it was damn hard parting with you 5 years later..
but..oh well..people change..
and i soon forgot about you..
for another special person..
years went was lost..
life was not all that sucks..
love? the hell with it..
it was then i realized..
it's not a big deal losing a man..
they are jerks anyway..
but it's a big damn deal losing a friend..
especially someone you call a best friend..

if you are reading this..
i want to let you know that..
i'm sorry for all the time we've lost..
i'm sorry that i've never been there for you..
i'm sorry for not looking for you..
i'm sorry i couldn't protect you..
i'm sorry for everything..

and please know that i will always love you..


Anonymous said...

tuk sape ni nisya? me if it's for me...

nisya-chan said...

aiyo..anonymous..camno nak ping tuhh? huhu..

Hidayah said...



nisya-chan said...

uiks..hidayah-san..rilek..rilek..atashi kan pujangga..hehe

..but i really meant it..sgt rasa bersalah snarnye..