Saturday, October 10, 2009

i'm dropping it..

yup..i'm dropping my masters..

i am running out of project is not even halfway done..
and i can't focus either..since 2008 to be exact..aiyyaaa

all the things that happens to me lately really got me shaken..
this is one thing i'm doing to help myself..
really big help from headaches and financially..
i can't go on with my studies..
and i hope..
this is one thing i can do to close the gap between us..

i've been contemplating long enough..
i should do it now..

abah and mak..
please forgive me..
i can't continue studying anymore..
i don't want to lose...that grass...

thinking of it..what are the differences having Master's Degree make?
a higher salary?
we can make money from other source if we want to..kan?
and the more i think of it..
being in IT stream..your education level does not matter..
what matters is your IT skills..
even if i have a Master's Degree..
but i don't know a single thing about basic IT mechanics..
it won't make me a good IT person at all..
and people would say like..
"duhhh..nama je ade Master..tapi basic haram tatau.."
make sense kan?
well..that's what i got from my grey noodles..
i might as well go for professional certification like CCNA CCNP or whatever..
that is more recognised in the IT world..


Zaimun Erin Yahyah said...

its ok beb.. whatever way u choose, I'm always supporting u k...
no matter u have master or not.. the important thing is, now u happy and ringan sikit pala hotak tu kan...
good luck and i'll pray for ur happiness now n forever... ;)

Hobby Mummy said...

nisya.. akak truly wish you the best.

Mak n Abah mesti akan sokong keputusan Nisya. Mak n abah mana yang tak nak tenguk anak bahagia.

InsyaAllah semua akan berjalan lancar :))

nisya-chan said...

thanx~ both of you..