Sunday, October 18, 2009


after being nagged by oka-chan to get out of my fortress to have lunch at the Tasik Raban Restaurant..
we went to the stadium to see what the 1Malaysia exhibit has to offer..
it was a hot day..and almost nothing interest me..
which makes me want to return to my fortress even more..
then we went into the building..
there were batik drawing exhibition..
i've been longing to at least colour a batik painting myself..
a bit hesitant at first..but oto-chan said..
"kamu nak buat..buatla..abah bayarkan.."
sedikit sayu di situ..
mungkin oto-chan tahu hati atashi yang remuk redam ni..
well..i did forced myself to approach the sister at the stall..
and got myself this..
it took me a get used to the brushes..
and oka-chan was complaining over the colours i chose..
nevermind that..
i was just following my heart..
oto-chan was very patient..waiting for me..
i coloured till the stall closes for lunch..
they asked me to leave the painting there to dry..
oto-chan said "takpe..kite minum dulu.."..
we had chendol at the nearby stalls..
then i picked up the painting..
played with some antique stuff on display..
the antique cash register machine caught my attention for a few minutes..
and back at the finished product.. looked unfinished..
incomplete like me..
though i like the outcome..
but nothing in the world is perfect..
thank you oto-chan..for this lovely painting..


aishahhatta said...

that is very the cantik la nisya!

Hobby Mummy said...

cantiknya....frame kan...

nisya-chan said...

tisya: thanx! work of sorrow tuh..haha kalu frame tatau nak letak mana..silap tak wat background kaler pink..huhu