Sunday, October 4, 2009

atashi and the lovely grass

huhu..lovely grass eh..
unfortunately all the lovely grass i have will eventually dissappear from me..
was it because i didn't hold them tight enuff?
or was it because i hold them too tight until they withered and die in my hands?
love goes..
but it hurts most when i don't know whether i can find the same lovely grass again..
but every grass is different..
i should have known..
should i stay..or should i go..
if i go..will i find a grass that will show me the way to the light like the last one?
i'm not perfect..i lack everything..
yet i don't want to stay in the dark..
still wondering..still hoping..

dear grass..could you stay and show me they way to the light?
if you don't..i understand..
i'm not perfect..for a lovely grass like you..

this broken heart..i don't know when will it mend..
huhh..when it happens..i wish i could just disappear..
*poof!* into the thin air..but life is not as simple as that..
nowhere to go..nowhere to turn to..nowhere to hide..
longing for nothing but for another half..
desperate kah? no..its just me..
i care not for wealth..i care not for the world..
ape nak jadi..jadila..
its just the uncomplete me..


paan said...

nisya-chan, ganbatte kudasai. may Allah guide you all the way to the most beautiful grass that u r looking for. never give up hope because if u lose one, no one will have it on u then.. somehow ur entry reflecting gak ni.. genki da ne?

nisya-chan said...

genki-desu..thanx paan.. =)