Thursday, August 6, 2015

to kill time..

yes! I'm writing this post to kill time..

office hours are done.. and I am not in the mood to do work stuff.. though usually I'll still be going through paperworks and systems testing reports from my team.. but today I'm not!

I'm having a serious case of running nose.. my nose won't stop running unless I lie down and its driving me crazy because I cannot take my nose off!!

I can't go back either because driving at this minute will result in me stuck in the car for over one hour to reach home.. imagine that with a running nose!!

Yesterday was the Ministry's makan-makan raya.. our Department was making rojak buah, and our division was given the task to prepare the pineapples... I've never had the experience to prepare pineapples before so I was really really really looking forward to prep them, I even brought my best kitchen knife and apron the day before.. poyo giller haha~!

Though I readied myself earlier yesterday, my shawl (raya kan? mestila nak pakai baju raya!) caused me some problems and I was still late to the office.. huhh.. memang dewi lambat sungguh laa.. semangat gila sarung apron (baju raya, mind you..) dengan pisau ke hulu ke hilir kat ofis.. hohoho

And so we started peeling the pineapples.. cut both ends, then cut the skin off from top to bottom.. kalau malas buang mata style utara, potong je sampai tak nampak mata.. at first that was the plan.. but seeing the pineapples makin lama makin kurus (mine especially..) I tried buang mata style utara tu.. hihihi.. it was fun, but took time a bit.. we cut up about 15 pineapples yesterday..

Come the makan-makan event, actually I didn't really favour the event despite there were a lot of artis jemputan (Najwa Latif, Hail Amir, Uji Rashid, dan banyak lagi..), it was held in Dataran Gemilang, under the hot sun (the most probable cause I'm feverish today..) and too much people queueing for food and not much place to sit and eat properly.. by the time we got down, some of the food are already finished, all in all dapatlah makan 2 ulas durian (wajib!), char kuey teow, rojak buah.. and I got the last grilled lamb ribs from the Bomba guys (thanks!!) finished it up with a melting chocolate ice cream cone... tapi lamb ribs tu tak makan kat situ pun.. bawa naik sebab nak buruk lantak..

Actually we went up early since we're having a meeting with MD Maran for the launching of one of our projects.. the meeting ended at 6.30 pm.. and I continued with my work for that day till 9.00pm.. when I remembered I have another meeting to attend at JPM the next day (today) and prepared all the documents....

An excuse to not go to the office early in the morning.... :P

Unfortunately I was not prepared to sleep the night.. cause the next morning at 5 a.m I find myself  in front of the TV beside the durian.. (siang malam durian.. tido pun dengan durian.. huhh).. and I was shivering from the cold night... jangan tanyalah tido pukul berapa.. seriously, I don't know how to answer that question, almost every day..

Climbed to the bed and woke up later with a heavy head at 7.30.. yikes! lambat ler masuk meeting...

Memang lambat pun! masuk kereta je the nose start running already... redah jem lagi... cari parking lagi.. adalah lambat 10 minit.. the meeting already commenced when I arrived.. at first tahan lapar je tengok kuih lapis dengan sardine roll atas meja depan mata tu.. in case ada benda nak mencelah.. plus, nobody else were eating at that time.. come 10.00 am tak tahan dah.. already said my part and I just need to have a nice hot tea down my throat.. plus the running nose already consuming my last ration of tissue in my handbag..

Just when I gobbled up the last bite of the sardine roll.. tetiba pengerusi Dato' Seri: Ok, KPKT, how many PBTs are there? how many are using...... nasib baiklah figures tu semua dalam kepala je.. cuma challenge at the moment, is how to say it with my mouth full..

Syukur, I was born with pockets in my cheeks.. so I put all the food in my mouth into the pocket and answered as if I wasn't eating... hahaha! (mesti orang sebelah nampak kembung je pipi... :P)

People always tease me about my cheeks.. they would ask how do I keep my cheeks so round? now I know exactly how to answer...

'Saya simpan kuih dalam pipi saya.. macam-macam ada.. kuih apa nak?'
I keep food in my cheeks.. want some?

Once, when I was doing Umrah in Madinah, an Arab lady stopped in front of me just to pinch my cheeks..after that she was gone.. leaving me like.. what??  boleh??? and I was not a small girl then, I was a fully grown 29 years old adult..

okay.. I think now is quite the right time for me to go back..need to drop a friend at the Putrajaya Sentral before I can get home.. I'm already feverish, hoping to get some rest tonight..

until the next post~!

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