Sunday, June 14, 2009


..somehow this word doesn't mean much to me nowadays..
..the feeling sucks..

it's whether i'm really feeling this..
or it's just my PMS..

oh well nisya-chan.. least you're not running from the past..
get your chin up..and face the future..
who might be brighter..

arghh..but then..
i've always tried to look at the brighter side of things..
and often..i found myself wondering whther they're bright enough for me...

i don't wanna grow up..huuuu


Nasa said...

Aku x suka grow up ... Terasa masa mcm cepat jer berlalu kan ... Rmi dah kahwin , pindah tmpt lain psl keje or etc .. Rindu time zaman blaja dulu siut ... Huhu

zool said...

susah ek nak cari kawan sejati.. tapi tu la lumrah kehidupan..

nisya-chan said...

nasa: betul betul betul..sangat rindu!

zool: betul betul betul jugak..