Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Hero..

another sleepless night..huhuhu..I'm stressed..and I had the worst mense pain that forced me to curl up and sleep the whole afternoon at my office since I can barely stand..kuciwa!!!

oh well..since I'm still has to go on..

and somehow i thought back about my younger days..when I don't have to deal with all the mess in life i'm making pink obsession actually started back when i was 10 yrs old..huhu..guess people..guess!

I'm the Pink Ranger..huahuahau..remember Mighty Morphing Power Rangers? I really love that series..damn much..slalu berangan jadik kimberly (the Pink Ranger in the series)..I even had the same hairstyle as hers..haha!

atashi ingat lagi..atashi letak gambar power rangers atas meja atashi masa form 1..Ustaz Kamel buang depan mata atashi!! sangat marah..atashi bilik dorm menangis...isk isk..tak aci sbb dak2 laki leh je letak gambar team bola sebesar-besar gambar atas meja diorg..apasal atashi xleh letak gambar Power Rangers?? ini tidak adilll!!! huhh..

so I used the time to surf for my heroes..and I found this site..sangat best!! so Rangers..head on..

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